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Olivia Pippio

A Fabulous Tan Sponsors Female Athletes Excelling in Male-Dominated Watersports

Press Release: Havana Sun’s Central Florida Distributor, A Fabulous Tan, is proud to announce sponsorship of two local athletes, Olivia Pippio and Savanna Miller. Both young women are making huge gains in sports previously dominated by males.

Winter Skincare for Swimmers

11 Winter Skincare Tips for Swimmers

Dry skin can be a problem for anyone in winter, when cold air and low humidity take their toll, but swimmers often suffer worse than others. A Fabulous Tan’s Teresa Wilkerson offers advice on preventing and treating dry skin if you’ll be spending time in the water this winter.

A Fabulous Tan Video

Before you reach for your swimsuit (VIDEO)...

Check out our latest video on Facebook and make sure you protect your skin – before you grab your suit or surfboard. Havana Sun offers highly effective sunscreen to prevent burns and premature aging.

Dixon Brothers Surfing

A Fabulous Tan Joins with Two Elite Junior Surfers Making Big Waves in Florida

Press Release: A Fabulous Tan, a Central Florida distributor of Havana Sun tanning oils and sunscreens, is delighted to announce its official sponsorship of two rising young surfer stars, 9-year-old Billy Dixon and 8-year-old Jaden “BigCat” Dixon. Born and raised in Melbourne, Florida, the Dixon brothers have been attracting increasing attention on the surf scene for their remarkable command of the waves.

A Fabulous Tan Surf Expo Launch

A Fabulous Tan to Launch New Suncare Line at Surf Expo 2016 in Orlando

Press Release: A Fabulous Tan, a Central Florida distributor of the new Havana Sun suncare cosmetics line, has announced its public launch at this year’s Surf Expo. Created by legendary suncare entrepreneur and Ormond Beach, Florida resident Ron Rice, founder of the hugely successful Hawaiian Tropic company, Havana Sun features cutting-edge sunscreens, sun tan lotions, and aftercare lotion and gel. Having sold Hawaiian Tropic in 2007, Rice is also well known for the beauty pageants he organized to promote that company — a strategy he is using to generate buzz for Havana Sun.